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Pain and movement limitations mean that you enjoy your life less.

We evaluate what is causing your pain and impairing your movement.

Then we design a customized treatment plan to achieve your treatment goals so you can live your life to the fullest.

Physical Therapy

We achieve excellent results with Pilates based rehabilitation for Sports injuries, Post Surgical Rehabilitation, Neurological, and/or Orthopedic Conditions.

We offer:

-  Neuromuscular Re-education

-  Gait Training

-  Therapeutic Activities

-  Therapeutic Exercises

-  ADL training

-  Neuromuscular Conditioning

-  Neuromuscular Therapy

-  Trigger Point Therapy

-  Manual stretching techniques

-  Functional Therapy

Manual Therapy

Muscle problems are not demonstrated in imaging or lab tests, but rather by motion testing and during treatment.

During manual therapy our therapists use their hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints to decrease muscle spasms, muscle tension, and join dysfunction.

Manual therapy techniques we offer are:


- Soft tissue mobilization

- PNF stretching

- Positional release

- Joint Mobilization

- Muscle Energy Technique

- Myofascial release

-  Neuromuscular Therapy

-  Trigger Point Therapy

-  Manual stretching techniques

Fall Prevention

People fall for various reasons, most commonly due to limited functionality in their legs and core, and/or instability due to muscle weakness, being two examples.


Our Fall Prevention program helps to restore static and dynamic balance using exercises to strengthen balance and control in everyday activities, as well as teaching techniques to assist you in moving through your environment more safely and efficiently.

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