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Physical Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy of South Florida is dedicated to helping patients become pain-free and improving their quality of life. 

Working patient-by-patient, we provide the most personalized treatment you will find in Miami.

Even though diagnosis can be the same, we make sure each individual gets the treatment that is specifically right for them.

Our approach to physical therapy includes various effective therapies that work together to achieve maximal functionality.

We achieve excellent results in the rehabilitation of Sports injuries, Post Surgical Rehabilitation, Neurological, and/or Orthopedic Conditions.

Some of the therapy techniques we employ are:


-  Neuromuscular Re-education

-  Gait Training

-  Therapeutic Activities

-  Therapeutic Exercises

-  ADL training

-  Neuromuscular Conditioning

-  Neuromuscular Therapy

-  Trigger Point Therapy

-  Manual stretching techniques

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