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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a Doctors referral? 

Health insurance coverage requires a doctors referral to pay for Physical Therapy Services.  We can evaluate and treat self pay patient for 21 days before they see their Doctor.
Wellness Services do not need a Doctors referral.

Q: What Insurance do we accept?

A: Most of our patients are self-pay. However we currently
accept Open Medicare, PPO with out-of-network coverage, and Doctors Healthcare HMO. 

Q: What should you wear?

A: Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Clothing that allows for the exposure of the area being treated.

Q: How often will you come to Physical therapy?

A: Each injury is different, and each person health history is unique. Typically patient are treated for one to two months and seen 2 -3  visits per week to regain function and develop a home routine.


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